The Everyday Edit is my own small business. We create tufted items such as mug rugs (coasters) and car coasters as well as apparel. This is our primary Logo. 
This is The Everyday Edit's secondary logo to be used in locations that would require a horizontal composition.

Gifts that Grow is a fundraising campaign that Partnering for the Environment set into motion. They wanted me to create a logo that captured elements from the environment, giving, and kindness. This is their default logo. 

This was the secondary horizontal logo for the Gifts that Grow campaign for Partnering for the Environment for them to use in alternate locations that the default logo may not work in.

I was commissioned to make a logo for Emily Allison's photography business. She wanted something simple, black and white, that was delicate and emphasized her connection to nature. This is her primary logo.  

This is her secondary horizontal logo to be used in alternate locations that the primary logo may not work in. 

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